Product Catagory
Ad-Sil Acura Light Cartridge

2 x 50ml (Base & Catalyst) & 10 mixing tips

  • Shore A-65
  • Light body available in dual chamber cartidge.
  • Hydrophilic nature.
  • Automix T-mixture to reduce wastage.
  • Can be used with any other addition silicone putty.
Product information:

Ad-Sil Acura Light Body comes in a dual chamber cartridge having 25ml each base and catalyst. This is supplied along with auto mixing tips. It is important to blead the cartridge before each use. Also while dispensing the material tip should be immersed within the fluid at all times.

Acura Light
Mixing time 40s
Load in tray 1m 20s
Insertion in mouth 1m 30s
Setting time 3m
Download - Factsheet - Ad-Sil Acura Light Cartridge