Product Catagory
Dental Equipments
Glass Bead Sterilizer
  • Compact body.
  • High quality heater well.
  • Glass bead size is 1mm for better contact sterilization.
  • Automatic cut out for temperature.
  • Indicator is for wait ready.
Lead Apron
  • Single sheet high quality lead.
  • 2.5kg light weight.
  • Durable & aesthetically designed.
Motorized Suction Unit
  • 1/2 HP Motorized suction.
  • Provision of auto flush & auto drain with a waste separated filter.
U V Chamber
  • U. V. light tube of high quality.
  • Special SS medical grade steel.
  • Back clip for hanging on wall.
  • Extends sterile condition of the instruments.
  • Stainless steel tray for storage.
  • Dimension: (Inner - 20" x 9.5" x 6"; Tray - 9.5" x 6").
X-ray Developer Box
  • 3 Plastic jars for developing, fixer & water.
  • Fully fibre black body.
  • Acrylic transparent sheet for better viewing.
  • Electrical point holder for zero lamp.
X-ray Machine
  • Remote control system from 10-20 feet distance against any type of obstacles.
  • Exposure time can be set by soft touch buttons.
  • Automatic power cut-off at low/high voltage for the safety of X-Ray tube.
  • RVG compatible.
  • Exposure times from 0.01 Sec to 5 Sec.
  • Scissor arm option available.