Product Catalogue-I 2018

Showcases products ranging from endodontic, conservative, prosthodontic and dental chair units that are manufactured by Prime Dental Products Pvt. Ltd. and other products like gloves, GP/PP points and handpieces (Allure) that are marketed by us.

Product Catalogue-II 2018

Prime Dental Products Pvt. Ltd. imports from Mani Inc. (Japan), RTD (France), Overfibers (Italy), EDS (U.S.A), Rhos (Brazil), Ajax (China), Pure Air (China), Morita (Japan). These high quality imported products along with products of Integrated Endodontics (India) are showcased in Product Catalogue-II.

Dental Chair Units

Dental Chair Units which are Manufactured & Imported by Prime Dental Products are showcased in this Catalogue.