Product Catagory
RTD (France)
Dual Cure Resin Cement & Core Build-up Composite
  • One resin, two indications.
  • Very high radiopacity.
  • Ideal viscosity.
  • Insoluble.
  • Quality product at economical price.
Mechanical Properties

Compressive strength : 300 Mpa.

Depth of light-Cure : 4mm (the base component only).

Shade : A1.

Radiopacity : 4% (to same thickness aluminium).

D.T. Light - Post X-RO Illusion

The RTD’s POST, composed of pre-tensed quartz fibers, imparts a modulus of elasticity similar that of dentin. This unique feature contributes to the dissipation of masticatory stresses and reduces the risk of tooth fracture.

Intro kit : Consists of 20 DT Light Illussion Posts. 5 each of #0.5, #1, #2 & #3 Corresponding 3 drills & 1 Universal Drill.
Refills : Size #0.5, #1, #2, #3 Packet of 10 Posts of same size.
Lumiglass DeepCure
Core Build-up Composite

LUMIGLASS DeepCure Core Built-up Composite is formulated to optimize and expedite the DT LIGHT-POST placement procedure. Light-Cured LUMIGLASS is translucent and can be easily cured in thicknesses of up to 11 mm* LUMIGLASS exhibits non-sticky handling characteristics for easy placement and sculpting. It is radiopaque and has high physical properties, to provide durable core build-ups. The esthetic neutral shade is ideal for use with porcelain jacket crowns and does not compromise the shade or optical properties of the ceramic prosthesis.

Physical Properties :
Depth of cure : 11mm
Flexural Strength : 114 ± 8 MPa
Microhardness : 28 knoop
Radiopacity : 230% A1. eq
Compression Strength : 234 ± 24 MPa
Water absorption : 24.7 µg / mm3
Water solubility :0µg / mm2
Available : Syringe of 5 gms.
Quartz Splint Flow Resin

QS FLOW is a flowable nano-hybrid, light-cured composite especially designed for use with fiber products such as QUARTZ SPLINT, for the stabilization / splinting of mobile teeth. The handling properties have been optimized to allow placement without slumping or dripping.

Mechanical Properties are similar to other flowable resins, but radiopacity is DOUBLE that of the typical resin of this type.

QS FLOW is also appropriate for Core Build Up. It is based on methacrylate resin with nano inorganic fillers of 0.01 - 0.7 µm to allow an easy polish.

Quartz Splint Reinforcement Fibers

RTD, the company famous for fiber-reinforced endodontic posts, has applied its expertise to a line of reinforcement fibers offering multiple applications in restorative, pediatric, orthodontic, prosthodontic, periodontic and endodontic practice. QUARTZ SPLINT Is offered in three varieties, some of which are interchangeable within clinical indications, on a case-by-case basis.

Quartz Splint UD Refill: ø1.5mm x 80mm (5 pcs)
Quartz Splint Woven Refill:  2.5mm x 80mm (5 pcs)
Quartz Splint Rope Refill: ø1.5mm x 80mm (5 pcs)
Quartz Splint Resin

Use the QS Resin to re-wet the Quartz Splint fibers or to make them wetter. It is exactly the same light-cure resin that is on the fibers from the factory.

To re-wet the QUARTZ SPLINT Fibers, or make the fibers wetter. It is exactly the same resin that is included in the pre-wetted QUARTZ SPLINT.

1.5g 1 Syringe; 5 Accessories.